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Protecting against germs, parasites and other pests, plants produce, among others, resins that act against fungi, viruses and bacteria. It is obtained mainly from trees by bees and mixed with their own secretions - in this way a properly processed substance is called propolis.

The hive serves as the first barrier against viruses, fungi and bacteria. Larger enemies of bees are first killed by them, and then mummified by means of propolis, which one of the most important properties is disinfecting and antibacterial.

The action of propolis is not only very strong, but thanks to the use in its production of plants that adapt the resin they produce to changes in bacteria and viruses, is also very effective.
Propolis also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and supports the growth of immunity. The anesthetic and anti-inflammatory action of propolis is based on the salicylic derivatives contained therein.

Note: Propolis is sticky and causes brown spots on the skin and fabrics! They can be removed with ethanol, nail polish remover or alcoholic cleaning flakes.

Propolis can cause allergies.
Before use, check on a small area of the mucous membrane that there is no allergic reaction.
Symptoms of allergy to propolis include redness, swelling, rash or pruritus. If no reactions occur, you can slowly start using propolis. We suggest adding 1/3 or 1/4 of the planned dose in the first period and increasing it for two or three days until the recommended final dose is reached.
The procedure should be repeated for each new batch, because propolis is a natural product and is subject to a constantly modified composition due to the special method of bee production.


Application: acceleration of healing of minor skin lesions, care of the oral cavity and mucous membrane, surgical sutures.

Measuring spoon: Lunderland spoon. Note: the product does not contain a measuring cup. If it is necessary, please buy separately.

Packaging type: glass bottle.

Composition: 40% extract of propolis (purity about 98%), 60% ethanol (96% alcohol).

Analysis: 7.5% flavonoids.


Externally: apply single drops directly to the sick / wounded area of the skin. In the case of sensitive animals, apply next to the damaged place, wait for the alcohol to evaporate and spread the liquid propolis to the sick / wounded area of the skin.
Internally: Depending on the size of the animal, give 3 x 10-30 drops a day directly while eating.

Storage: Protect from light, store at room temperature in tightly closed containers. Opened product is best stored in the refrigerator for no longer than two months.


The toluktura with propolis can be a component of easy to make ointments or cream.

• 100 ml of vegetable oil (coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil),
• high quality beeswax 6 mg,
• 20 - 50 drops of tincture from propolis.
• 50 ml of vegetable oil (coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil),
• 6 g of beeswax,
• 20 g lanolin,
• 10 ml tungsten cardboard with propolis,
• 20 ml of distilled water.

Both preparations can be supplemented with 5 ml of vitamin E to increase their durability.
Oils / waxes and possibly vitamin E should be placed in a glass vessel and heated in a water bath until the wax dissolves. Then the water and the tincture are gradually and slowly added to the mixture with constant stirring. For a better combination of ingredients, the paste should be mixed to a creamy consistency and cooled to room temperature. Then put the cream / ointment ready into the jar and store the refrigerator.

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